Investor Relations

Annual Reports

PDF Annual Report 2012-13
PDF Annual Report 2013-14
PDF Annual Report 2014-15
PDF Annual Report 2015-16
PDF Annual Report 2016-17
PDF Annual Report 2017-18

Share Holding Pattern

PDF Share Holding Pattern 30.06.2013
PDF Share Holding Pattern 30.09.2013
PDF Share Holding Pattern 31.12.2013
PDF Share Holding Pattern 31.03.2014
PDF Share Holding Pattern 30.06.2014
PDF Share Holding Pattern 30.09.2014
PDF Share Holding Pattern 31.12.2014
PDF Share Holding Pattern 31.03.2015
PDF Share Holding Pattern 30.06.2015
PDF Share Holiding Pattern 30.09.2015
PDF Share Holding Pattern 31.12.2015
PDF Share Holding Pattern 31.03.2016
PDF Share Holding Pattern 30.06.2016
PDF Share Holding Pattern 30.09.2016
PDF Share Holding Pattern 31.12.2016
PDF Share Holding Pattern 31.03.2017
PDF Share Holding Pattern 30.06.2017
PDF Share Holding Pattern 30.09.2017
PDF Share Holding Pattern 31.12.2017
PDF Share Holding Pattern 31.03.2018
PDF Shareholding Pattern 30.06.2018

Corporate Governance Report

PDF Quaterly Corporate Governance Report 30.06.2013
PDF Quaterly Corporate Governance Report 30.09.2013
PDF Quaterly Corporate Governance Report 31.12.2013
PDF Quaterly Corporate Governance Report 31.03.2014
PDF Quaterly Corporate Governance Report 30.06.2014
PDF Quaterly Corporate Governance Report 30.09.2014
PDF Quaterly Corporate Governance Report 31.12.2014
PDF Quaterly Corporate Governance Report 31.03.2015
PDF Quaterly Corporate Governance Report 30.06.2015
PDF Quaterly Corporate Governance Report 30.09.2015
PDF Non-applicability of Corporate Governance
PDF Quarterly Non-applicability of Corporate Governance Report 31.03.2017
PDF Quarterly Non-applicability of Corporate Governance Report 30.06.2017
PDF Quarterly Non-applicability of Corporate Governance Report 30.09.2017
PDF Quarterly Non-Applicability of Corporate Governance Report 31.12.2017
PDF Quarterly Non-Applicability of Coporate Governance Report 31.03.2018
PDF Quarterly Non-Applicability of Corporate Governance Report 30.06.2018
PDF Quarterly Non-Applicability of Corporate Governance Report 30.09.2018

Financial Results

PDF Financial Results 30.06.2013
PDF Financial Results 30.09.2013
PDF Financial Results 31.12.2013
PDF Financial Results 31.03.2014
PDF Financial Results 30.06.2014
PDF Financial Results 30.09.2014
PDF Financial Results 31.12.2014
PDF Financial Results 31.03.2015
PDF Financial Results 30.06.2015
PDF Financial Results 30.09.2015
PDF Financial Results 31.12.2015
PDF Financial Results 31.03.2016
PDF Financial Results 30.06.2016
PDF Financial Results 30.09.2016
PDF Financial Results 31.12.2016
PDF Financial Results 31.03.2017
PDF Financial Results 30.06.2017
PDF Financial Results 30.09.2017
PDF Financial Results 31.12.2017
PDF Financial Results 31.03.2018
PDF Financial Results 30.06.2018
PDF Financial Results 11.11.2018

Shareholders' Information

PDF Updation of KYC Letter
PDF Notice of BOD Meeting Quarter and Year Ended 2016-17
PDF Notice of BOD Meeting Quarter1 FY 2017-18
PDF Notice of BOD Meeting Quarter2 FY 2017-18
PDF Notice of BOD Meeting Quarter3 FY 2017-18
PDF Notice of BOD Meeting Quarter4 and Year Ended FY 2017-18
PDF Notice of BOD Meeting Quarter1 FY 2018-19
PDF Voting results & Consolidated Scrutinizer's Report of 24th AGM

Code of Conduct

PDF Code of Conduct Regulate

Compliance Certificate

PDF Compliance Certificate

News Paper Publications

PDF Board Meetind Notice 05.08.2017 Guj
PDF Board Meetind Notice 05.08.17 Eng
PDF June Qtr Results 14.08.2017 Guj
PDF June Qtr Results 14.08.2017 Eng
PDF Board Meeting Notice 01.12.17 Eng
PDF Board Meeting Notice 02.12.2017 Guj
PDF Sept Qtr Results 10.12.2017 Eng.pdf
PDF Sept Qtr ended 11.12.2017 Guj
PDF Board Meeting Notice 08.02.18 Guj
PDF Board Meeting Notice 08.02.18 Eng
PDF Dec Qtr Results 15.02.2018 Guj
PDF Dec Qtr Results 15.02.2018 Eng
PDF Board Meeting Notice 23.05.18 Guj
PDF Board Meeting Notice 23.05.18 Eng
PDF March Qtr Results 01.06.18 Guj
PDF March Qtr Results 01.06.18 Eng
PDF Board Meeting Notice 08.08.18 Guj
PDF Board Meeting Notice 08.08.18 Eng
PDF June Qtr Results 14.08.18 Guj.
PDF June Qtr Results 14.08.18 Eng.
PDF Board Meeting Notice 05.11.18 Guj
PDF Board Meeting Notice 05.11.18 Eng
PDF Sept Qtr Results 11.11.18 Guj.
PDF Sept Qtr Results 11.11.18 Eng.

AGM Notice Publication

PDF AGM Notice - FY 2016-17 Eng
PDF AGM Notice - FY 2016-17 Guj
PDF AGM Notice - FY 2017-18 Eng
PDF AGM Notice - FY 2017-18 Guj